Equality Before the Violence (2019)

Genres: Action Status: Released Year: Released: 11 Apr 2019 Country: South Korea Type: Movie Duration: 75 Casts: Kim Do-geon,Yoon Kyeong-ho,Wang Kyeong-bin,Seo Seung-hyeon,Kim Si-yu,Kim Dae-han,Bang Sang-hyun,Jang Yong-hee Posted:

Dong-ho is ranked number 1 in "Arena," an illegal gambling league for teens, but he steps down to prepare for college. However, the members of "Arena" don't want to lose their biggest money-maker, so they place a debt on his brother Dong-min. Dong-min literally fights against his debt, but when he gets hurt, Dong-ho decides to fight back.

Rating 8