Pandora (2016)

Genres: Thriller,Drama,Action Status: Released Year: Released: 07 Dec 2016 Country: South Korea Type: Movie Duration: 136 Casts: Kim Nam-gil,Kim Joo-Hyun,Jung Jin-young,Kim Young-ae,Moon Jeong-hee,Bae Gang-Yoo,Kim Dae-myung,Lee Kyung-young,Kang Shin-il,Yoo Seung-mok,Kim Se-dong,Kim Myung-min,Song Young-chang,Kim Young-woong,Kim Han-jong,Kwak In-joon,Park Sun Hee,Gong Jeong-hwan,Kim Hye-eun Posted:

When an earthquake hits a Korean village housing a run-down nuclear power plant, a man risks his life to save the country from imminent disaster.

Rating 6.9