My Dear Enemy (2008)

Genres: Comedy,Romance Status: Released Year: Released: 24 Sep 2008 Country: South Korea Type: Movie Duration: 123 Casts: Jeon Do-yeon,Ha Jung-woo,Kim Hye-ok,Oh Ji-eun,Choi Il-hwa,Ki Joo-bong,Jang So-yeon,Si-nae Jo,Kim Hee-jeong,Kim Joo-ryoung,Kim Joong-ki,Kim Young-min,Go Seo-hee,Park Hye-rim,Jeong Woo-hyuk,Han Hyo-joo Posted:

Jobless and single in her thirties, Hee-soo is miserable. On one fine day, she sets out to find Byoung-woon, her ex-boyfriend. It is not love that brings them together but $3,500 Hee-soo had lent to Byoung-woon a year ago. Byoung-woon is also penniless but surprisingly happy for he knows the girls who are willing to give him money. Afraid Byoung-woon may run off before clearing his debt, Hee-soo follows him as he visits many girls to borrow money, so the two ex-love birds set out on a one day journey to collect money, and memory.

Rating 6.4