About Time (2018)

Genres: Drama Status: Ended Year: Released: 21 May 2018 Country: South Korea Type: Series Duration: 60 Casts: Lee Sung-kyoung,Lee Sang-yoon,Ro Woon,Han Seung-yeon,Im Se-mi,Kim Hae-sook,Na Young-hee,Jung Dong-Hwan,Kim Dong-jun,Min Sung-wook,Kim Sa-hee,Tae In-ho,Kang Ki-Doong,Kim Gyu-ri,Jang Gwang,Oh Ah-Rin Posted:

Our heroine will have the unfortunate ability to see the “life clocks” of everyone around her, including herself, and the hero will somehow be able to stop her “time” without lifting a finger. This story will follow time that is stopped, extended, and even erased through the love they have for each other.

Rating 6.1