Time (2018)

Genres: Drama Status: Ended Year: Released: 25 Jul 2018 Country: South Korea Type: Series Duration: 35 Casts: Kim Jung-hyun,Seohyun,Kim Jun-han,Hwang Seung-eon,Choi Jong-hwan,Jeon Soo-kyung,Seo Hyun-woo,Kim Hee-jung,Yoon Ji-won,Cho Byeong-kyu,Kim Yong-jun,Kang Min-ah,Kim Jung-tae,Choi Duk-moon,Ahn Ji-Hyun Posted:

For a man who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, the suffering and hardships others go through every day are not something he can relate to. One day, he unexpectedly becomes involved in a murder incident. He meets a woman who is trapped in time by what happened. He is drawn to her, feeling responsible and guilt for what he had done. Before he can even realize, his feelings towards her grow. He struggles to find the truth so that he can allow himself to love her.

Rating 7.8