Room No. 9 (2018)

Genres: Drama,Mystery,Sci-Fi & Fantasy Status: Returning Series Year: Released: 06 Oct 2018 Country: South Korea Type: Series Duration: 60 Casts: Kim Hee-seon,Kim Hae-sook,Kim Young-kwang,Oh Dae-hwan,Kang Shin-il,Jeong Seok-yong,Kim Jae-hwa,Min Sung-wook,Jung Won-joong,Im Won-hee,Lee Kyung-young,Kim Si-eun Posted:

Eulji Hae-Yi, a lawyer at a big law firm, is a kiss-up to those with power, but looks down upon those who are poor. When she meets death-row convict Jang Hwa-Sa in room 9 in the prison visitation area, their bodies are exchanged.

Rating 7